Baby Changing Stations

As a family run business we understand the needs of every member of a family. The baby changing stations we offer with your portable toilet rentals are a necessary provision for your next family friendly event. In the past, a diaper changing station at a special event would have been considered a rarity. A lot of the time, a parent would have to try to find a private area or even leave the event to change their little ones diaper. Many times parents would even change their children in public. This created an unsanitary and unwelcome sight for other event patrons. Now, parents with small children expect a baby changing station no matter where they go including outdoor events like festivals, fairs, concerts, parades, sporting events, etc.

Our baby changing stations are always delivered clean, sanitized, sturdy and secure. Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up and delivery process, and will make sure the units are set securely and properly.

The baby changing stations we offer with your portable toilet rentals are mounted inside of  a handicap size portable event toilet and are large enough to comfortably accommodate an adult and your small children.

Be sure to include enough changing stations to accommodate all of the families expected at your next family friendly event in the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas! Call and let our staff help you to determine the number of diaper changing stations needed to accommodate the number of guests you will have! We are here to help you!!

* Please contact us directly for further details and pricing *