Hand Sanitizer Stations

Keeping our hands clean is vital to our health! Germs are spread easily and quickly and mostly via our hands!

Our hand sanitizer will kill 99% of all germs and will provide the guests of your next event with the ability to keep themselves and their families healthy while enjoying the event! Don’t you worry! Whether you are hosting a small wedding or a large outdoor festival, anytime you have limited to no access to running water our hand sanitizing stations will provide the peace of mind your attendees deserve. Another great benefit to the hand sanitizing station is that they create no additional trash from paper towels. They are also completely stand alone units requiring no water or power, making them the most sustainable, eco-friendly or “green”, choice for keeping hands clean at your event. Each unit has four sanitizers per stand, and is painted hunter green in color. The color blends in well with the outdoor environment and gives a more pleasing visual affect. It also is the same color of our deluxe event restroom which makes things look uniform and professional. Having four units on each stand allows four people to use it at one time, preventing long lines or “traffic jams” at a large event. They are also handicap/wheelchair accessible, and are designed to handle large capacity crowds. When you order your Deluxe Restrooms be sure to include these with your order!!

Call us today to help us determine how many you will need to accommodate your specific number of guests!

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