Hand Wash Stations

Keeping our hands clean is vital to our health! Germs are spread easily and quickly and mostly via our hands!

When planning for your event hand washing is a necessary, and most of the time, is a legally required amenity. Our hand washing stations are durable, delivered clean and budget friendly. The handwashing units are grey in color. Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up process, and will make sure the units are set securely and properly. They come fully stocked with fresh water and hand soap for your convenience. All of the handwash stations have two sinks. The standard capacity sink holds 30 gallons of fresh water. We have a large capacity sink available that holds 45 gallons of fresh water for your event with higher attendance. We also offer pumping, cleaning, and restocking of these stations once they are on site depending on the needs of your event. These units are stand alone units requiring no power to run. If the customer would prefer the units can be connected to a customer provided water supply via a hose.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you in determining how many hand washing stations will be needed for your specific event, whether it be a small family reunion, or a large outdoor concert . When you order your Deluxe Restrooms for your next event be sure to include the hand washing stations to give your attendees the peace of mind they deserve with the ability to keep themselves and their families healthy while enjoying their time at your event!

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