Handicap Accessible Restrooms

Our Handicap/Wheelchair Accessible units have much more spacious interiors then a traditional portable restroom. They come complete with stainless steel, heavy duty, safety bars for assisting with sitting and standing for those that may need it. They are specifically designed for accommodating those with special needs, and are also great for parents with small children. All of our different portable restrooms come with a coat hook on the door for your convenience. We also offer baby changing stations inside of these units upon request. The units are always delivered clean and well stocked, and will ensure that every guest at your special event is accommodated. When ordering your Deluxe Restrooms  or your Luxury Flushable Restrooms be sure to include Handicap Restrooms with your order!

Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up process, and will make sure the units are set securely and properly. We have the ability to lock these restrooms from the outside to prevent access before your event begins or after hours for a multi day event if necessary. We also offer pumping, cleaning, and restocking of the units once they are on site depending on the needs of your event. Onsite restroom attendants are also available if needed. We always use a top of the line deodorizing chemical in all of our units to keep unwanted odors at bay while the portable restrooms are in use.

Contact our office to help you determine how many of our handicap portable restrooms will be needed for your specific event. Whether it be a small charity event or a large sporting event we have the expertise to help you!