Shower Trailers

Our shower trailer rentals are especially great for triathlons and other large scale sporting events where your attendees will appreciate so much the ability to shower. The shower trailers are high quality and always delivered clean. These units are climate controlled, well lit, and decorated. They come fully stocked with fresh water and shower curtains. We offer short and long term rental for these units depending upon your needs. The majority of the units in our fleet operate on a tank-less hot water heating system which provides unlimited hot water for your guests. The hot water heater operates by on board propane tanks that come full on delivery, so depending on the duration of your event may require refilling. This can be done by our staff if needed.

Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up process, and will make sure the units are set securely and properly. We have the ability to lock these shower trailers from the outside to prevent access before your event begins or after hours for a multi day event if necessary. We also offer pumping, cleaning, and restocking of the units once they are on site depending on the needs of your event. We also have the ability to connect these units directly into the sewer which can eliminate the necessity of pumping. Of course this would depend on the accessibility of the sewer and ability to obtain permits to do so at the location. Onsite restroom/shower attendants are also available if needed. We always use a top of the line deodorizing chemical in all of our units to keep unwanted odors at bay while the portable restrooms/showers are in use.

Call our experienced staff and let them help you decide how many shower stalls will work for your special event. We can get your shower trailer rental scheduled today and mark one more thing off of your planning list!