Temporary Fencing

Along with our ability to provide your portable restrooms we can also provide you with temporary fencing. Temporary fencing can be used to help you to direct a large crowd to the correct spots, keep them inside specific areas, control long lines, or maintain separate areas for different things. Whether your event is a local fair or a large multi-day concert, temporary fencing can be a special event life saver. Some construction sites are also required to have temporary fencing around the site for safety purposes. Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up process, and will make sure the fencing is set securely and properly. Every job is unique and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate your specifics job needs. We have two different temporary fencing options. The two options are “bike rack” and chain link fencing. We can also provide dust covers to help contain job site dust and debris. The “bike rack” fencing is called such because it looks very much like a bike rack. It is used mostly at events, while the chain link is commonly used for construction sites. However they can both be used for either depending on your specific needs.

Fencing comes in differing sizes, and we have the knowledge and ability to help you to determine exactly how much you will need for your specific location. Call our office today and let our experienced and friendly staff get your order on the books!

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