Waste Holding Tanks

In our many years of  experience waste holding tanks are most commonly used for temporary office trailers on large construction sites  or in neighborhood developments. They can also be used for other types of temporary trailers or RV’s. The waste holding tanks we offer are easily hidden underneath a trailer for out of sight bulk waste holding needs. We also offer our fresh water holding tanks to provide all that you would need to offer a fully functional restroom on your location even though you don’t have access to traditional water and sewer lines. The fresh water holding tanks are also designed to fit conveniently underneath the trailer for completely out of sight functionality. The waste holding tank  is of course where all of your used grey water and sewage will collect. We offer a choice between a once or twice a week servicing to provide you with the service that best suits your specific construction site or other type of locations needs. Our delivery crew is friendly and knowledgeable in the set up and delivery process, and will make sure the holding tanks are set securely and properly. The Event Services of GA crew is also professional and will pump, and refill the waste and fresh water holding tanks quietly and efficiently so as not to disturb your office staff. These units are stand alone units and require no power.

Don’t forget that choosing Event Services of GA supports a family owned and operated local business servicing North Georgia, Atlanta, and Metro Atlanta for the last six years!!

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